Want to Learn More About the New Yoga Instructor at Calvary?!

Caitlin Van Hecke, RYT, discovered her need for yoga while living amongst the creative chaos of NYC.    She fell in love with the discipline it brought to her life, as well as the freedom that opened up within.  She continued to deepen her practice after her move to Asheville, NC in 2008 and obtained her certification at the 230 hr through Asheville Yoga Center, as well as additional certifications in Kids and Prenatal yoga.  She is registered with Yoga Alliance.  She continues to be grateful and amazed of yoga’s power to create grace and ease- the physical aspect being just the beginning.   Her fascination with the connection between what happens on the mat versus off, is what propels her to share yoga with others.   The biggest AHA moment in her life as a yogi was being in class one day (years after the start of her practice), and finally understanding the importance of the breath.  It was as if nothing had fully existed until that moment.  She takes great care to breathe on a regular basis now.

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