Wednesday Night Words: Claiming the Beloved

Wednesday Night Words during the season of Lent we will be using Henri Nouwen’s work, Life of the Beloved, to explore how to claim the truth that we are all called to be God’s Beloved. During the season of Lent we will be in a time of introspection, self-examination, and repentance as we prayerfully prepare ourselves for the celebration of Easter. In light of this Wednesday nights we will join together in times of self-examination to claim ourselves as the Beloved daughters/sons of God.

March 16: Scripture and the Beloved

We will look at the time Jesus was called God’s Beloved and how that relates to us.

March 23: Claim being the Beloved for Yourself

In a world full of the loud negative voices of success, popularity, and power how can we keep from the trap of self-rejection and claim ourselves as the Beloved of God?

March 30: You are chosen by God as the Beloved

When we realize we are the chosen children of God we are able to see that every last one of us is unique, special, precious beings…God’s Beloved.

April 6: Claiming your Belovedness is a blessing to others and yourself

To give another person a blessing is to say good things of them; this is the most significant affirmation we can offer another because in doing so you affirm that person’s Belovedness.

April 13: Claiming brokenness gives us freedom to be given

Each of us is wounded in unique ways and that uniqueness tells something about us that is special to our own experience. By befriending and placing our brokenness under a blessing we give way for us to give ourselves as blessings to others.

April 20: Life as the Beloved

Living a life where you continue to claim the spiritual truth that you are the Beloved daughter/son of God. We will come together to celebrate each other as God’s Beloved.

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