Silent Auction results

Calvary Concert Series Presented The History of Love on February 11th and it was a huge success. We raised over $3100 at the auction and had over 100 people at the event. We are thankful to all of the volunteers and donors for making this event the wonderful success that it was. We wanted to share with you the winners of the silent auction items and to acknowledge the donors one more time.

To do that you will see a list of the items sold at auction and the lucky recipient of that item.

  • 1791 donated a breakfast or lunch for one person
    • Myra Houser
    • Gretchen White donated two antique salt boxes
      • Box 1 – Betty Mein
      • Box 2 – Yolanda Appiah-Kubi
  • Caroline Armijo donated a rose window book art
    • Betty Mein
  • Caroline and Henry Armijo will be cooking a pasta dinner for 2 at their house
  • Carol Blythe and Rick Goodman donated their wonderful babysitting skills
    • The Armijo Family
  • Grady and Joan Branham donated a one week beach vacation in Garden City, SC at their beach house
    • Sarah Leismer
  • Amy Butler auctioned off a topical sermon
    • Kim Sisk
  • Calvary archives provided the auction with 2 Calvary pew boxes
    • Box 1 – Kim Sisk
  • Calvary Youth donated their services of  spring cleaning or other service project
    • Elizabeth Hagan
  • Bianca Christensen donated a  hair appointment for a woman’s cut and color
    • Amy Butler
  • Goethe Institut auctioned off an educational package
  • Leah Grundset auctioned off a personalized playlist
    • Yolanda Appiah-Kubi
  • Jean Gutierrez donated a nutritional consult
    • Caroline Armijo
  • Jim Gutierrez auctioned off a personal Portrait or caricature drawing
    • Myra Houser and Jason Smith
  • LUSH donated a Valentine’s gift box
    • Gene Saupp
  • Edgar Palacious donated a $30 gift card to Lauriol Plaza
    • Holly Miller
  • Lorena Pereira donated a  hair appointment
    • Meara Dietrick
  • Roberto and Eugenia Reyes donated a gift card to Proof for $150
    • John Taylor
  • Susana Reyes donated a $20 gift card to FroZenYo
    • Salima Appiah-Kubi
  • Michael and Amparo Settels auctioned off a  Black Forest Cake
    • Tim Jennings
  • Kim Sisk and Ellen Sulerzyki donated an evening of  wine tasting at their house on Oyster Cove
    • Sarah Leismer
  • Jason Smith and Myra Houser donated a  Yamaha guitar package
    • Kevin Hagan
  • Barbara Stone donated two “stones of the Bible” bookmarks
    • Betty Mein
  • Theatre Lab auctioned off a beginning level acting class
  • Theatre Lab auctioned off a one day of spring break drama camp for a child
    • Ruziel Angdisen
  • Theatre Lab auctioned off 4 tickets to their production of Rags
    • Sherri Morgan
  • Warehouse Theatre donated  two tickets to I Heart Improvon Feb 26
    • Salima Appiah-Kubi
  • Washington Sports Club donated a 30-day pass
    • Kathie Lansing

Items donated for the day of the event:

  • Cosi donated a sandwich basket
  • Gretchen White donated two cut-class tiered cake plates to Calvary’s hospitality collection for use at the dessert buffet.
  • Pollystyle Artisanal Baked Goods donated a selection of Valentine’s Day cookies for the dessert buffet
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