Sunday’s Invitation to Give and Serve

My children asked me this morning if I could get in trouble for plagiarizing Jesus in the sermon this morning.  We’ll see…. 

If you are visiting with us today you’ll have already noticed our sermon was a little different this morning—Jesus’ words straight from Matthew 5-7, the Sermon on the Mount.  We hope that all of you, visitors and members alike, will join with us in exploring in depth the Sermon on the Mount in worship over the next few weeks and, starting this week, on Wednesday evenings at 6:30.  Visitors, if you’d do us the favor of filling out a visitor card and placing it in the offering plates as they come around in a moment, we would be grateful.

Calvary members, listen up: next week is a really important week in our life as a community of faith.  In worship we’ll be reaffirming our commitment to church membership.  As the year begins, we’ll recommit to the investment of our lives in this place.  If you are a Calvary member, be prepared to think again about what that commitment looks like for you in the year ahead.  We’ll follow worship next week with our annual business meeting, which sounds dry and boring but, seriously, is not!  We’ve prepared a PowerPoint presentation of our life in 2010 in pictures—please grab some lunch and come down to Shallenberger Hall after worship next week to laugh and remember our year together.  We’ll be hearing about plans for 2011, too, and voting on the budget we’ve been working so hard to prepare.  Your voice is important; we need you; this is a critical way you can give, serve, and invest your life in a meaningful way in this, your community of faith.


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Senior Pastor, The Riverside Church, New York
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