Advent Devotional- December 24

December 24                           Christmas Eve

Luke 2:1-14

In fifth grade, I played in a hand bell choir with other Costa Rican youth and we carried our bells and Christmas repertoire to share with local churches. One Sunday, we had the opportunity to play in the town of Tucurrique, three hours outside San Jose where my parents were helping to lead a Bible study.

During our performance, I recognized many in the audience from the Bible Study: the woman who cooked us rice and beans by wood stove, whose Bible was always glued to her arms; the family that owned the grumpy old horse and would cheerfully offer me and my brother a ride; the mothers and fathers who brought their children to church but stood uncomfortably outside on the church porch each Sunday; the older man who suffered from seizures but always helped clean up and organize chairs.

Looking out at the group while performing a Christmas piece, I realized how much love this community had shared with me. I saw the face of Christ that day and felt the warm love of Tucurrique.

“Has the heavenly host been in Tucurrique this whole time?”

Lord Jesus, give us attentive minds today to listen and learn of your peace and love from the most unexpected of heavenly hosts. Amen.


Jason Smith


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