Advent Devotional- December 18

December 18                               Saturday

Hebrews 1:1-12

The dramatic imperfection in our world is, I think, much of the reason why people both love and hate the holiday season. Our souls desperately need the hope that the season dares us to foster in ourselves, and yet it is so hard to rise above a world and culture that in many ways are the antithesis of what we hope for in our lives, and in the lives of others. Does God still hope that someday this world will truly reflect His highest hopes for all of us, his children?

These verses from Hebrews seem to say, YES! In fact, this passage indicates that God not only hopes, he KNOWS that all things will ultimately be made right. God made this world through Christ, the Light (see John, Chapter 1), and after speaking with somewhat limited success through various prophets, He decided to send the Light (or Life-Light according to Eugene Peterson’s The Message) to earth. These verses in Hebrews remind us that our physical world is transitory. It will “wear out” like old clothes. But God’s world – His kingdom – is both alive and well today, and will never cease to be.

That kingdom is found in the Life-Light of Christ, and by participating in His new covenant by letting the Life-Light shine through our lives we can be part of the continual creation of God’s perfect world. Perhaps it is in this anticipation and participation that we can find joy amidst the brokenness of this world.


Eva Powell


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