Advent Devotional-December 13

December 13                                Monday

James 5:7-10

At age 16, I knew I was expected to get a job.  It was a given, and I did with my Dad’s help.  I got a job at a shoe store where my Dad worked part-time.  My parents stopped my allowance and also took me to the bank to open up my first checking account.   I was taught at an early age the importance of working and saving for the future.  That you value something so much more, if you have the patience to wait, save up for it and then purchase the item whatever it was.

This act of patience, waiting and saving is instilled in me today.  Not that I haven’t had my times, of temptation, where I went out and blew some money on something.  Because I have, several times, in the course of my life.  But every time I did it, I noticed it really wasn’t what I needed.  It also wasn’t something of value to me either.  I just ended up regretting it in the end.  So it is easy, in a way, for me to see this applied to the need for patience in waiting for Jesus and the Perfect World.

Two things that are of such great value, that it will be worth the wait.  It is something that I truly want and need.  I know in my heart that the patience and the waiting will all be worthwhile in the end.


Gene Saupp


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