Advent Devotional- December 8

December 8                               Wednesday

Romans 15:4-13

The Messiah has come, but only few have expected and received him. The Messiah is Jesus Christ who was crucified by the Roman Empire because he presented an alternative to their system of life, based on military force, slavery and exploitation of the colonies. The peace of the empire was the peace of the graveyard. If someone asked for justice, he/she was crucified, if the people rebelled against tyranny they were wiped out. The empire and the emperor proclaimed salvation if their geopolitical interests were obeyed and respected. The emperor was the Son of God, because he had the power to destroy.

Jesus Christ as the Messiah presented an alternative that denied the unjust and inhuman bases of the Jewish society and the Roman Empire. Jesus lived and proclaimed the peace born from justice in human relations. To Him, God is glorified when the poor are able to live, when there is respect for life, integrity and accomplishment of every human being. It is the power of love, mercy and service that characterized the world that Jesus wanted, which began with his disciples.

The Messiah Jesus Christ lived and pointed the way forward for the world. He was killed but God raised him. So his life, message and legacy was vindicated. His life, message and practice is the way forward that God intends for all humanity. Waiting for the Messiah is living with the hope of justice. The world of military power and the power of money is not the world of God and his Messiah. So persons, families and peoples who desire full peace, reject the world of death; we want God’s world, a different world. Living with the hope of justice, is to assume a practical compromise for another possible world. Come child of peace! Come Jesus with your kingdom!


Edgar Palacios


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