Advent Devotional-December 6

December 6         Monday

Isaiah 11:1-10

Many of you know that every year I make a playlist of songs, which offer special meaning for the season of Advent. This year, the likes of Rosie Thomas, Sufjan Stevens, Cadillac Sky and The Indigo Girls will usher in the season of waiting and hoping. Each year, I spend hours on this playlist because each season, I need something different from Advent. Last year, I was intentional about spending time with each of the themes– hope, peace, joy and love. But 2010 seems to have called me toward the theme of light. It echoes through each of the songs.

Even with a different annual theme, there is one song that always appears on my mix. It’s called The Trumpet Child by Over the Rhine. To me, it is all our hopes and dreams of the gospel wrapped up in one song. I encourage you to check it out and listen for yourself. The words from our passage for today, from Isaiah 11 waft through dripping with meaning and hope.

They sing “the lion lies beside the lamb, and licks the murderer’s outstretched hand.” This idea of the fullness of time and full redemption of all of creation pushes me toward the light this Advent. May we hear Isaiah’s words and dream the impossible alongside him as we all strain toward life in a perfect world.

Leah Grundset

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