Advent Devotional: December 3

December 3                                    Friday

Psalm 96

Psalm 96 seems awfully upbeat for this increasingly cold and gray time of year, when sunlight hides as long as it can every morning and wanes too early every evening.  Though I know it’s there—I know it—I confess that I find it hard some days to remember all the joy and goodness that stubbornly weaves through my life.  Perhaps that’s why, as people of faith, during these weeks we do the work of Advent, of waiting with hope even when we can’t always see the possibilities and joy around us. 


Are we crazy to hold out hope when the world around us seems to scream otherwise?  Does claiming and living with urgency God’s promises of healing and hope for our lives and our world make us among those who cannot bear reality and run from the truth all around us?


Despite the barren trees and icy weather, I think I’ll go with the Psalmist this year and hang onto hope, even when it seems about the most ridiculous option around.  In the face of a world that is far from perfect and a life punctuated by pain and sadness sometimes, I choose instead to remember today: “The Lord reigns.  The world is firmly established, and it cannot be moved.”


God’s hope for the healing of this world and the hope of our lives will not be deterred.  Living believing that with all our hearts: this is the work of Advent.


Amy Butler

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