Advent Devotional: December 2

December 2                                 Thursday

                                                     Isaiah 9:2-7

I often wonder what it must have been like to hear these words from Isaiah. The text tells us that not only have these people been walking in darkness, but they’ve lived in a land of deep darkness.  I wonder what forms of darkness they were experiencing? What was keeping the light out?

Isaiah clearly knew that his audience was in need of some good news! As he spoke each name of this One who was to come, the words must have fallen on the ears of those listening like a balm to their weary and worn out souls. Wonderful Counselor… Mighty God… Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. Long awaited words, for sure.

And as I sit here today, several thousands of years later, I feel my heart longing as I read this. Longing for an end to the awful injustices in our city. Longing for a peace that releases us from captivity. The images of this passage aren’t so far removed from the context of our own world. There are places where darkness prevails but as people of Hope, we believe that darkness doesn’t have the final word.

May the Light of God’s mighty and peace-filled presence shine upon our world today. As we prepare our hearts for the birth of this One who will come as a child, may our longings for a new way of life move us towards holding out the light to those who live in deep darkness.

Lizzie Bebber

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