Advent Devotional: December 1

December 1                               Wednesday                                                   

Matthew 24:36-44

Every generation has had those would-be prophets who predict “The time has come,”–some gathering together followers, claiming to have carefully studied the scripture and been given the knowledge that the word has been fulfilled, and the “end times” are upon us.  They seem to ignore Christ’s word that “no one knows about that day and hour.” 

Meanwhile,  all that is required of each believer is that we are to live our lives according to all that Christ taught, being content with our own situation, reaching out to those in need.

Every individual Christian must search within his or her own heart, recognizing the fact of our own “end time.”  Let us find comfort and joy in living this brief life we’ve been given in such a way that we can hear our Lord say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Vivian Nielsen

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