Advent Devotional- December 22

December 22                              Tuesday                                        Fulfilled

If you were to visit my office, you would likely see a scribbled to-do list featured prominently on my desk. Maybe it’s age, but I just can’t seem to remember everything that needs doing, much less the order in which it should be done. The list is my tool—maybe my crutch—but I can’t go very long without it!


One of the most satisfying parts of my workday, in fact, is taking a big, fat marker and drawing a bold, defiant line through each completed task. On a day when the interruptions are fewer and I draw line after line after line on my list, eventually the entire page becomes green . . . or purple . . . or whatever. Thus, the crossing out and the increasingly colorful page that results, are such sources of accomplishment for me. Honestly, even if the tasks at hand are insignificant, there’s a relief and satisfaction that, whatever was listed on my to-do list, is now done.


When I think of the word “fulfilled,” this image of my scribbled list is what comes to mind. Perhaps when we think about this season of Advent during which we’ve been waiting and preparing for Jesus, its culmination truly comes when we know with conviction that, in Jesus, the longing our human hearts have to know God . . . is fulfilled.


Advent is spiritual practice for remembering just that reality—not that we tell the same old story again and again and again, desperately trying to wrest some new meaning out of it. But rather, that each Advent brings us the possibility that we might remember—amidst the pain and struggle of human living—that we do not have to long, restlessly, for God. The prophet’s prediction of God With Us has been fulfilled, once and for all, in Jesus.


God, turn our restless hearts back to you this season, so that we would remember again that you have sent your Son to fulfill our deepest longing to know you. We give you thanks. Amen.


Amy Butler

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