Advent Devotional- December 15

December 15                              Tuesday                                       Promise

When I think of the word promise, I thought about when I actually use the word. It is mainly used as an emphasis on something that you agree to do, like keep a secret. But we actually make and keep promises everyday. In most relationships, we rarely even need to say the words, “I promise.” It is evident in the words we speak and the actions that we take.


Our promises are also self-evident in our church life. When someone joins we promise to support them; When we take communion we promise to remember the physical sacrifice that Jesus made for us; When we take an offering we promise to use our gifts in service to the Lord; And, when a baby is dedicated, we promise to raise the baby in a church family. Rarely in any of these circumstances do we use the word promise. But we all know and believe that promises have been made and we do our best to keep them.


As Advent rolls around once again, we are reminded of the angel Gabriel who appeared to the three wise men with his own proclamation of promises. “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” (Luke 2:10) By sharing the long-awaited arrival of the promise of a Messiah, but also that we should not be afraid.


When reconsidering this passage, I read a direct promise to all people. Instead of living in fear, which may be a fear of God, doing the wrong thing, making a mistake, not knowing what is coming next, know that you have the promise of Gabriel that we have no reason to fear. Instead take the good news of great joy with you that you have God’s promise to help guide you as you continue this mysterious journey of life.


Caroline Armijo

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