Advent Devotional-December 4

December 4                                  Friday                                   Restoration

As a resident of historic Capitol Hill, the first thought that came to my mind for the word “restoration” involved old wood, rotting crown moldings and layers of lead-based paint. But when I reflected on the word as a Christian, I realized that my favorite stories in the Bible are ones that describe what God has done and will do to restore broken relationships.


The Old Testament story that first comes to mind is David and Bathsheba. There may be no sin worse than David’s – arranging for the murder of his lover’s husband. When confronted by God’s agent, Nathan, David readily confesses his guilt, repents and receives forgiveness from God. And David is later willing to forgive others. David’s relationship with God is fully restored.


The New Testament parable of the prodigal son tells the story of the son who abandons his father and strikes out on his own with his inheritance. After becoming alienated from everyone, the son decides to return home to work as a hired hand for his father. The father is so overcome with love and compassion for his son that he forgives his son completely and restores their prior relationship.


God promises to forgive us and to restore our relationship with God and to help us forgive and restore our relationships with others. Restoration — a powerful word and a powerful promise for this season of Advent.

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