Advent Devotional-December 2

December 2                             Wednesday                                  Darkness

I hate it when I lose electrical power during a thunderstorm – especially after the sun has already gone down! In that kind of darkness, even simple tasks become complex or impossible. I can’t heat food in the microwave. I can’t watch TV. I shouldn’t even open the refrigerator door for fear of letting the cold air out and causing the food to spoil. And forget about vacuuming. Thank goodness I have a gas stove; otherwise, I wouldn’t even be able to cook at all. As I sit in the dark, it’s a relief to know that the storm will soon be over, that the power company will dispatch crews to fix everything, and that I will go on to vacuum another day. But that is merely external darkness.


What if you’re suffering from a dark period in your life — the death of a loved one, loss of a job, a time of self-doubt, the end of a relationship? That kind of darkness is very different. It’s internal darkness rather than external darkness. It can be handled in a similar way, though. At Calvary, when you’re feeling inner night and feeling like you’re alone, you can count on a crew of church members praying for you, bringing you food, hugging you, and lighting your way. Maybe that’s why we sing, “The Light of the World Is Jesus.”


Advent reminds us that darkness is followed by light. Just reach out into the darkness. Someone at Calvary who is experiencing the light will see you, and take your hand, and walk with you until the Light is shining on you and for you again.


Amy Dale

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