That was a busy week…

In the last week, we learned more about what it means to be Baptist (with Rosalie Beck,  Stan Hastey, Brent Walker and Jeff Haggary), welcomed the Beyond Borders team and Tony Campolo to Calvary, worked hard out at Camp Fraser for a workday, celebrated our 147th Anniversary with a hymn sing and luncheon. What a week! Below are pictures (hopefully in chronological order!) of all of our special events:

A Different Kind of Baptist Revival, May 31-June 2:

Baptist Revival 010Baptist Revival 004Baptist Revival 015Baptist Revival 011Baptist Revival 007Baptist Revival 013

Beyond Borders, Stay With Me Friday June 5:

June 5-7 034
June 5-7 048June 5-7 054June 5-7 062June 5-7 080June 5-7 092

Camp Fraser Workday, June 6:

camp fraser1camp fraser 2
camp fraser 4

camp fraser 8

camp fraser 12camp fraser 7

campfraser 3

camp fraser 14

camp fraser 15

campfraser 5

Calvary’s 147th Anniversary Luncheon and Hymn Sing, June 7:

hymn sing1hymn sing4hymn sing6June 5-7 126

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