Lent Devotional- April 8

April 8                                                             Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29

“Who are you who lies when you stare at my face. Telling me that I am a trace of the person I once was… you’re just a picture of me… you’re gone as soon as I leave. You’re no more than just a piece of glass.”

 – Piece of Glass, Caedmons Call

In today’s America, we are bombarded with message after message pulling us in 10,000 directions all at once. For instance, one moment we are told “Thin is In” then in the next we are told “Thin is Bad.” In a glimpse we are reminded that Coke is better, and then in the very next, Pepsi products rule the roost. The arbiters of cool are all around us, finding every way they can to push us, prod us, change us… and eventually “us” is lost forever. We lose sight of what is up, down, important, trivial, moral, and holy.

At the end of many days, what we feel left of the once whole us is a whole lot of nothing.

The glory of God is amazing. So amazing, in fact, it can overcome all of this. The emptiness, the feeling of being torn, the loss of identity… it is this glory that sustains us and brings us back to life through salvation. We are favored and blessed for no other reason than the fact we are children of the Almighty. Our very life brings praise to the Lord regardless of if we are good or not.

When all is said and done, the ability to walk away from the mirror that has been held to our face… the mirror that has distorted our image, pushed us beyond our limit, and caused us to be way too hard on ourselves is where the Ultimate is exalted. In that moment it has all been triumphed over and we can move on, continuing to praise God through who we really are. As the Psalmist reminds us: Give thanks to the Lord, for He is Good and His love endures forever.


Lord, today I want to walk away from the mirror that distorts the person you have created.

Christian Vang

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