Lent Devotional- April 7

April 7                                                                         Isaiah 50:4-9a

When I reflect on this passage, I think about an occasion when I have used my voice to advocate for an unusual point of view.

A few years ago, a local news station broadcast a feature story about a baby calf. The focus of the story was the calf’s unusual appearance: He was born with two heads. After the film footage aired, the cameras returned to the news desk where all of the anchors laughed and commented on the oddity of the calf. I was stunned.

For the first time ever, I decided to send an e-mail to complain about the anchors’ comments and reaction. There was nothing humorous about the calf’s situation. From my perspective, the baby calf was born to teach all of us to embrace differences in the world. The anchors just missed the lesson.

Although I had hoped to receive a response from the station’s General Manager, days passed. There was no reply. I started watching a different news station in protest. Two weeks later, a friend called me to ask if I had written a news station about a baby calf. He informed me that my name and comments had been read on the air. The station apologized for their reactions and remarks.

Be a person who is willing to challenge disparaging comments. Don’t let the moment pass and assume that your thoughts won’t matter. They do.


Lord, give me the determination to advocate for all living beings and see the gifts in their differences.

Jackie Wright

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