Lent Devotional- April 6

April 6                                                                     Mark 14:1-15:47

What would you do if you knew that within days your closest friends would betray and deny you, and would fall asleep, desert you in your time of need?

Jesus knows that he is going to be judged and die a painful death. He knows that one of his closest friends is going to betray him for money. Another friend will deny even knowing him, and that others will not even be able to stay awake in his time of distress and anguish.

What would you do? Jesus sets a table for his friends, shares a last meal, preparing his friends and followers the best that he can for what is to come. Defiantly he accepts the betrayal, denial, judgment and death because he knows that in his acceptance he is reconciling humanity and God.

Jesus truly lived a defiant life, making it possible for us to live full lives.


Lord, thank you for loving us, help us to defy our earthbound judgments and suspicions and love each other as you love us.

Paul Rosstead

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