Lent Devotional- April 4

April 4                                                                        Luke 19:40-44

In this passage Jesus speaks of very serious repercussions for Jerusalem for not recognizing its personal visit from God. The idea that it is too late for Jerusalem is a hard one for me to hear. We focus on the hope of salvation, forgiveness, and renewal, not the idea that our opportunity may have passed. Many in the city saw Jesus as just another rabble-rouser and passed him by. Could I be as blind? Have I already been?

Jesus wants us to ask ourselves these questions as we read his words. We are overtaken by the passage of time and the responsibilities of every day life. To be a follower of Jesus was to cry out defiantly,

“Blessed is he who comes,

 the king in God’s name!

All’s well in heaven!

Glory in the high places!” Luke 19:38 (The Message)

To follow Jesus is to cry out in defiance against the accepted truth and show that there is another way.

That sounds nice but what does that mean in application? I have asked myself this many times as I have walked the steps of my life and I have never seen the Hand of God touching my path. But I am sure that it has happened. I was determined to be a doctor for most of my life; so much so that I was accepted in Tulane Medical School as a sophomore in college. Having achieved the golden ticket to my life’s dream I decided to finish college before matriculating. Just before graduation Ryan and I decided to get married so I deferred my medical education once again and opted for an internship at NIH so I could live with my new husband in DC. After concluding my 2-year internship I was at a loss. Somewhere along the way my dream and my drive had fallen away and I was adrift in the possibilities of things to come. To fill the time until I chose a new dream I got a job with Kid Power. It just so happens that I am pretty good at teaching and that internal drive to help people was being satisfied in whole new ways. I do not have the coveted MD following my name and I certainly am not making the salary that goes with it, but I am helping people in a very real way. I help keep children off the streets and in school and I work to open their eyes to all the dreams from which they can choose. Am I living a defiant life? I don’t know. I know that I am defying my concept of the world and breaking down my own prejudices each day.

As we look forward we can only hope that we have not missed Jesus’ call in our lives and pray that we have the courage to recognize Him when He shakes our foundations.


God, help me to have the strength to see you and the courage to follow.

Katie Harvey

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