Lent Devotional- April 2

April 2                                                                         Psalm 137:1-6

How do we respond when it seems like God is nowhere to be found? What do we do when we do not feel like singing a joyful praise, when the most natural feeling is to “hang our harps on the willows” and sit in silence, too tired and hurting too much. What do we do when we feel that we’re in the absence of God?

We live in a world where war is ripping apart entire nations, where wild fires and hurricanes leave people hopeless and deserted. Where the homeless freeze on our city streets and children go hungry. At times it seems too much, too hard, too sad. It is easy to become blinded by the daily news and shocking stories we hear from our family, friends and neighbors. At times it is all too much to bear.

Meanwhile we all are coping each day with our own personal struggles and challenges. Sometimes it feels most appropriate to turn our eyes down and wonder where God is amidst the pain. A wise person once told me that it’s OK to cry, scream and tantrum as a result of life’s misfortunes. She said that God won’t love me any less if I cry out; if I tell Him that I’m angry and sad. God’s steadfast love remains. Even at times when I want to give up, when I want to ‘hang my harp on the willow’ and weep, God will still love me. As much as my imperfect love does not measure up, His love always will. No matter my frustration, no matter my sorrow, God will always step down from his throne and reach out His arms to me.

May we live defiantly by living each day with hope. Even though we may kick and scream at times, we know there is a greater existing love that sustains us. When others expect us to give up, may we hand over our burdens to the One who knows us best and then we are strong. May we live defiantly by being our authentic selves. Let us be vulnerable to each other, to God and to ourselves. We are blessed and fortunate to have the safe walls of Calvary to give up our bruised hearts.


My prayer today:

Hold me in your arms Lord. Reassure me that you are with us even in the most desperate of times. I come to you today Lord just as I am and know that you will love me just as I am.

Kelly Miller

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