Lent Devotional- March 31

March 31                                                                     Psalm 51:1-12

We see in Psalm 51:1-12 the yearning out to God for Mercy to be poured upon David for straying from the plan that God had for his life. He is calling out not only for forgiveness from God but for the JOY of his salvation to be given back to him. The second part of this passage is just equally as important as the first. We can be forgiven by God but unless we forgive ourselves and bring about our mental thoughts to a place of joy, we will be just as useless for God as if we had never asked for forgiveness. How can we be effective for Jesus without Joy?

This part of God’s call is a daily tasking for my life. We each have to work at the willing spirit that God gives us to attack each of our daily challenges and apply that amazing Joy he gave with his salvation.

Often I have to ask God’s forgiveness with questioning if his hand is on my life. I find myself looking around and wondering if I should be where this person is, or doing what that person over there is doing with their life.


God, please forgive us for questioning you, and remind us today to use that joy in your salvation with our daily walk. Amen

Josh Keller

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