Lent Devotional- March 24

March 24                                                         Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22

Lent is a special season for me. Iit brings good memories from my childhood and makes me sensible to the voice of God, which you can almost feel in the environment the meaning of the cross and the victory of the resurrection. I understand the cross as renunciation, as centering myself in the essential things of life, in living for others knowing that I live in a world that invites me to the contrary, that pushes me to focus on myself without paying attention to what is happening around me.

I like Psalm 107. It is a song of Thanksgiving that describes how God saves the faithful that are in danger, whether they are in the desert, in a prison, sick or distressed.

Affliction can come when you least expect it, whether because being Christian means to live with the values of justice, respect, solidarity and service or because of specific situations at the job, family, or for natural causes. It is in these situations when we need to remember and make ours the promises of Psalm 107: God is merciful with his children.

 In Hebrew, the word “mercy” also means kindness, loyalty and love.  God always shows himself as kind, loyal, loving and merciful and especially when we are sick or distressed.

As followers of Jesus, let’s open our hearts in this Lenten season and reaffirm our faith. The Lord invites us to challenge the world; we do not belong to this selfish and violent world. Our confidence is in the Lord and he is with us.


Lord, extend your merciful hand over us, be our protector, now that we want to be faithful to you.

Amparo Palacios-López

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