Lent Devotional- March 19

March 19                                                                      Luke 11:1-14

I enjoy living in the both/and. Sometimes things are neither one thing nor the other—they are two things at the same time. I live both in the suburbs and in a multicultural community. Our suburbs are diverse. I love both the clean lines of modern design and the rich textures of the Victorian era. Good design has many solutions. I was shaped by both the Southern culture of my youth and the Midwestern roots of my parents’ pasts. As a result, I am a hybrid, as hospitable as any Southerner and as hard working as any Midwesterner, yet uniquely me.

Being a Christian requires us to live in the both/and. We’re born, grow, and are called into God’s service along the way. When we answer God’s call to salvation and service, we willingly move from birth to new birth, death to resurrection. We are the living dead—both dead to self and the world and alive to the Holy Spirit and ministry. It’s a contradiction only seen clearly by faith-full eyes. It’s a defiance that is obedient, breaks no laws, and submits to God’s will. Both/and is the result of seeking God and finding Him. Both/and prays with trust “thy kingdom come” (Luke 11:2). Can we give God our both/and lives?


God, grant me the courage to live in all the messy contradictions that color a life of following you. Give me both the will to follow you and the determination to actually move in that direction.

Amy Dale

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