Lent Devotional- March 18

March 18                                                        1 Corinthians 1:18-25

The church in Corinth was having many problems and Paul wrote his letter to the Corinthians from Ephesus offering his advice. The basic message in this passage is how the worldly beliefs of the Jews and the Greeks were of no consequence in comparison to the FACT that Christ died for us and we have salvation from our sins because of that FACT. The Jews did not believe because there was not “a sign” and the Greeks did not believe, because, well the Greeks believed they held ALL of the world’s wisdom.

This week, a beautiful lady named Bonnie Federspiel died in Alexandria, Minnesota at her assisted care facility. Bonnie was a beautiful human being, a sister of my brother Martin’s first wife Connie, who died about 10 years ago from breast cancer. Bonnie was able for most of her life to take care of herself even though she was mildly mentally challenged due to a childhood bout with measles. Bonnie moved down to Arkansas to be near her sister and took care of their two children Nicole and Nathan. My brother and his current wife Robbea took Bonnie in a few years ago when she was having so-called “friends” stealing her social security checks and taking advantage of her.

Martin and Robbea displayed true Christian love and selflessness by taking Bonnie in, protecting her, giving her a job and watching over her until she passed away. The crux of this story is not so much on Bonnie, but on my brother Martin. Prior to his first wife’s death, Connie and Martin were devout Christians and went to church nearly every week. After she passed, Martin rejected the church and Christ mainly, I believe, because of the pain of losing his soul-mate Connie. Martin and I have had many discussions about our beliefs and he truly believes that Christianity and the church do not hold meaning for him anymore and are not the way for him.

I know Martin is in pain as I write this devotional because of not only losing Bonnie, but the renewed memory of his loss of Connie. I know Christ is still in Martin’s life because of what he did for Bonnie, the fact that he found one of the most loving people I know in his current spouse Robbea and the FACT that he is a very positive and loving person. This month, his oldest daughter Nicole will give birth to her first baby. I pray that with this new birth the Lord will rekindle the way of the Christ with my brother.


All of the world’s wisdom pales in comparison to the way of Christ. We pray that those who stray from that path will return to the true path.

Ken Butler

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