Lent Devotional- March 13

March 13                                                                      Luke 9:18-20

Washington is a city of issues. Listening to the issues of the day being debated in restaurants, on the subway and in the paper is a great spectator sport. The issues are often weighty, but the easy thing about listening is that I don’t have to take a stand. I can listen without going through the mental heavy lifting of determining where I stand on the issue, and no one is going to force me to make a decision. It is said that politicians are great at avoiding tough questions, but the truth is that we all are experts at avoiding the questions that are most important.

In Luke 9:18-20 Jesus prevents us from dodging the big issue. Jesus demands an answer. He asks “who do you say I am?” It’s a tough question, for there is little middle ground. Based on his claims about himself, either Jesus Christ is the Son of the Almighty God or a complete fraud. If he is a fraud, then why do I cling to him? And if he is the Messiah, why do I put my trust, my treasure and my time into so many lesser things? Lent is a good time to look into my own heart and ask the hard questions again. It’s time to face the issue, and take a stand.


Lord Jesus, help me to confess, like Peter, that you are the Christ. Then grant me the courage to base my other choices on that truth.

David Grise

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