Lent Devotional- March 12

March 12                                                                      Luke 8:22-25

I clearly remember the heated debate I had with my parents as I stood in the kitchen, my senior year of college, defending my decision to support women in ministry. This directly countered their interpretation of the Bible, which they believe clearly directs men to be religious leaders, and not women. I’d like to say that we came to some type of common ground, but the truth is we never really spoke about it after that (at least not openly).

To this day, when I hear my parents’ referring to the “role of women” in church and in marriage, then later hear them discuss Christ’s love for all people, I can’t help but become so frustrated. How can they not view everyone, equally, as children of God? How could they read and meditate on scripture, but still not acknowledge God as the Creator of all life and people, no matter their gender (or race, creed, culture, or sexual identity)?

I wonder if that’s similar to what Christ felt as he woke up hearing the cries of his disciples on the storm-tossed sea. He had already reasoned through parables with them (Luke 8:9-15), rebuked religious leaders (Luke 7:36-50) and family members (Luke 8:19-21), even performed miracles with his disciples right there with him. Yet still, his disciples barely had any faith that God would take care of them when their faith was tested. Yet Christ, in the midst of his frustration, chose to simultaneously show His great love and power by calming the sea and nerves of his frightened followers.

And if Christ could endure the frustrations caused by those closest to him, I think God can help me deal with my own frustrations through love and faith in Him.


Oh God, where there is frustration, give me peace; where there are difficulties, let me endure; and where there is hope, let me hear your voice.

John Salazar

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