Lent Devotional- March 11

March 11                                                                 Romans 4:13-25

To be a Christian is to be like Jesus; that is to say, being free to love and be loved. In today’s world, as in Jesus’ time, true freedom and love were and are rather unknown personality traits. We live in a pragmatic world, a world much given to chains. As a matter of fact, society becomes what our will wants it to be, with its particular visions and perspectives on the world and on human beings, so that we become massified, with everyone acting like everyone else. Jesus Christ wasn’t like that. He was free to love and because of it, took risks. Jesus wasn’t just one more in the crowd; He wanted to be different that He might transform the social and religious structures which enslaved and oppressed the poor. Jesus was a new man who gave His life over passionately to the building of a new world. And so Jesus was a man of faith. He believed in God’s promises.

Abraham, too, was a man of faith, and as such swam against the current. God promised him descendants when he was very old, promising to fulfill the yearning of Abraham’s wife, who was barren. Despite her barrenness, Abraham had faith when there was no hope. His faith led him to do impossible things. That is the faith which can transform the world.

We at Calvary also believe in the God of Abraham and in Jesus Christ. We believe in the God who raised up Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, the Jesus who was crucified. This faith should lead us to move mountains of unbelief, unfaithfulness, hatred and indifference. In the faith of Jesus we are called to challenge a world of evil and to build a world of peace with justice.


Lord, during this time of Lent may we accept Your Call; confirm our faith, and may we live as servants to serve the world.

Edgar Palacios

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