Lent Devotional- March 7

March 7                                                                        Luke 6:37-42

In verse 38, we are instructed that we will receive generously based on the measurements that we actually give of ourselves. This verse is where I met this familiar passage with defiance.

I became self-employed in late 2006 when the grant I was working on ended. I put my life-long dreams to the test and did not apply for another steady work opportunity. Instead I dove in head first believing that I could make it as an entrepreneur.

But as the months rolled around, an internal struggle started looming larger. The more business books I read, the worse I felt. I eliminated the more creative elements of my days to make room for steady income streams. I became more and more miserable. Plus, the income never came. Finally I realized that path not the one for me. Deep down, all I wanted to do was take a big fat black crayon and draw all over a large canvas. I craved it in the pit of my very soul. I gave in and decided from that point forward, I would dedicate my “work” to my art.

In the last year, opportunities for me to express myself easily began to unfold. I discovered the blessings of how my art has enriched my life and the lives of others. I surprisingly found peace with my lack of financial stability. From here I continue to move forward boldly, even defiantly, despite living in the midst of worldwide economic uncertainty. I know that I can rely on God’s promise to provide me with an abundant life, as I have so generously been provided so far.


Lord, help me consider defiant possibilities for my life today.

Caroline Armijo

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