Lent Devotional- March 6

March 6                                                                        Luke 6:27-36

When I saw that my assignment was Luke 6:27-36, I shuddered for a moment. Seriously, I get to talk about loving enemies in D.C., where culture is built on hating ones enemies? Great.

This passage invites us to much more then mere words describe. Loving without limitation is quite possibly the best choice one could ever make. Hatred of others is unfortunately easy. It provides us a clear path of well-intentioned, simple-to-understand rules. But, as my Great-Grandmother used to say, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

It is not an easy choice to love, but well worth it. I recall a particular experience in my life. My enemy had managed to wipe out my finances, broke down my health, and falsely tarnished my reputation. Everything told me to tear my enemy to shreds. Then I realized how much more valuable my life is to God, as is her life. Hating this person by returning the favor of her destruction would have cost me my soul. Instead, I worked intentionally not to slander my enemy. I corrected those who spoke falsely or ignorantly about her. When she asked for more than what she was due, I gave it to her willingly. I lived up to my word and only made important requests when necessary to protect others involved. I demonstrated love by acting counter to the norm. It was the most victorious feeling I’ve ever experienced!

I offer you this hope. You will always have enemies, but loving them defiantly will give you unimaginable, unpredictable joy.


Lord, give me the courage to defiantly love even those who are very hard to love.

Ben Mann

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