Lent Devotional- March 5

March 5                                                                        Luke 6:17-26

What a beautiful picture of gospel community! People of all different sizes, shapes, and colors are together in search of healing and hope. Then Jesus, the man in whom they have put their hope, tells them that they are blessed.

I wonder if this was the first time any of them had heard these words directed to them? I mean, they are the outcasts, the unclean, the rejected members of society, and the Son of Man is telling them that their blessings are greater than those who seemingly have everything. Essentially, Jesus is proclaiming, “I come to you, not as a superior, but on equal footing, and I say to you that YOU are blessed. Not because you have money or prosperity, but because you seek together the hope and joy found only in me. Those who see you through the eyes of self-righteousness, who assume they do not need me because they have everything they want, they have their reward now. But your reward is so much greater! You share in the hope of the gospel. This is what it means to be blessed.”


Lord, may we live in defiance of the social standards that divide us and seek together the hope found in you. Amen.

Julie Greene

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