Lent Devotional- February 26

February 26                                                                Psalm 51:1-17

I have a confession to make: I like to achieve. I am an achiever. Admitting it is the first step to recovery, right? What I also know is that I’m not alone. We live in a world that rewards achievers. A good education leads to a good job, a good job to a good income, etc….These goals are familiar. We’d be crazy not to strive for them. But in recent months I’ve felt uncomfortable questions stirring—questions about what I deem “success,” questions about my life goals. After a lifetime of striving to follow the obvious path to success, I feel God calling me to a new way of looking at my life. I’m beginning to see that God’s determination of success is not in perfect step with the world’s. Actually, in many ways it defies it. And I’m not sure how I feel about that. Words like ‘radical’ and ‘defiant’ cause my type-A, rule-following heart to race. My life, my spirit is attuned to the conventional definitions of success and achievement. Achieve, perform, impress, win—these are goals I understand. Love. Love God. Love others. Above all else, love—well, those goals are another story.

But that’s where God is calling. God is calling me to look at my life anew. But first my spirit must be made new. As the Psalmist prays, so I pray, “God put a new spirit in me, make a fresh start in me.” Give me the courage to examine my life through your eyes, to let your goals be my goals.


LORD, give me the courage to look at my life with new eyes, to see the ways you are calling me to live defiantly today.

Rosie Stafford

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