Global Baptist Peace Conference

My colleagues around the office have been giving me jealous looks this week. It’s because exactly one week from today I amdoveroma_cropped headed to Rome for the Global Baptist Peace Conference. Baptists are gathering from all over the world with brothers and sisters of other denominations and faiths to undertake the hearty task of discussing a theology of peace.  If you go to the website, you can see our schedule, where we are staying and all of our activities for the week. An excerpt from the website:

This global event will inaugurate the 400th anniversary year of the Baptist heritage being recognized in various locations around the world.

Like previous conferences in Sweden (1988), Nicaragua (1992), and Australia (2000), this gathering will bring together Baptists who are active in nonviolent struggles for justice and for strengthening the witness of Baptist peacemaking in various global contexts.

The conference will consist of six days including intensive training in conflict transformation, nonviolent prophetic action, and other relevant topics, inspiring speakers, workshops, and worship. There also will be optional opportunities to tour Rome and the surrounding area on Friday culminating in a magnificent time of worship in the Waldensian church.

I am an honored participant in this conference. Pastor Edgar, Amparo Palacios Lopez, Laura Lee and Amelia Din from Calvary will also be attending. I am thankful that Calvary is the type of place that takes peace and justice work seriously as part of the global gospel community. 

Did I mention we have two days in Rome before the conference starts? Try not to be jealous. And I’ll try not to have too much fun. I’ve already made my Rome list: Vatican City (of course! I could spend 5 days there), Colosseum, Spanish Steps- what can I say? I’ve never been to Italy and I’ll be a complete tourist. I’m actually headed out from Feb 6-23 for the conference and then taking a few days vacation in Italy and Spain.  I look forward to seeing all of you when I return! 

Peace to you,


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