Christ House – Monday, Feb 2, 10:30am-1pm or Wednesday, Feb 4, 10:30am-1pm

Learn about Christ house and its mission, serve food to residents, and dine and converse with residents.  Hear the stories of some amazing people!

2/3 Slots Filled for Monday, 1 Needed

3/3 Slots Filled for Wednesday, 0 Needed


DC Central Kitchen – Monday, Feb 2, 5-8pm

Prepare food to be ready for distribution by chopping vegetables, counting and packing loaves of bread, mixing soup ingredients, etc.

10/10 Slots Filled, 0 Needed


Food and Friends – Tuesday, Feb 3, 10am-1pm

Prepare and package specially-made food to be delivered to residents living in the DC metro area with life-altering illnesses such as Cancer and HIV/AIDS.

6/8 Slots Filled, 2 Needed


Street Church – Tuesday, Feb 3, 1-2pm

Every Tuesday, Church of the Epiphany holds a church service and serves a meal at the west end of Franklin Square in downtown DC.  They are in constant need of people to simply attend and offer their presence in this worship hour, to give encouragement to others there—to build up the Gospel Community.  You need not serve any food, but simply to participate, get to know your neighbors, and offer peace to those around you.

4/7 Slots Filled, 3 Needed


Thomas House Bible Study – Wednesday, Feb 4, 9:30-11am

Share a bit of your testimony in Bible study with residents who gather weekly with Rev. Leah Grundset.  You may also want to bring some special music or a poem to share.  Help the residents at Thomas House feel cared for and special.

3/5 Slots Filled, 2 Needed


Downtown Social Club – Thursday, Feb 5, 9:30am-12:30pm

Each Thursday, residents from St. Elizabeth’s Psychiatric Hospital in SE DC travel to Calvary for the “Downtown Social Club.”  We provide interactive games, art, videos, exercise, and a meal for the residents who are always so grateful for our time spent with them.  Help set up, lead a game or word puzzle, serve the meal, and interact with the clients.

5/5 Slots Filled, 0 Needed


DPHW – Friday, Feb 6, 8am-11am

The Dinner Program for Homeless Women (DPHW) is not just for women.  It is a feeding program for men, women, and children who are homeless.  Prepare and serve meals in one of the region’s “best small charities,” as profiled by the Catalogue for Philanthropy.

9/10 Slots Filled, 1 Needed


In order to sign up or if you have questions, email Eric Bebber. 

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