Christmas Devotional-December 27

December 27

Psalm 148

Christmas is past. Whatever way we chose to observe that day, the psalms provide a spiritually inspiring follow-up; a way to pray and meditate in the quietness of this week. For those who went all out in family and church celebration, it helps us to slow down and relax. For those who may have spent the time alone, possibly not feeling well, these words can remind us of the broader meanings of life and of God’s presence from the beginnings of this planet and life as humankind has known it.


We can become a part of Psalms as we read this passage. And in reading it, let us become one with all who are giving praise. These words remind us of the regularity of the universe. Those who study the stars, the moon and planets, can tell us just where each can be seen in the skies and at what times. “for he spoke the word and they were created; he established them for ever and ever.”


Can we view the majesty of the mountains and swim in or sail on the oceans without recognizing a power that is beyond human strength that is too great to comprehend?


Who cannot find beauty that speaks to God’s creation wherever we live? Every flower has its own specific pattern of development.


The butterflies have their own color markings, and follow an instinctual migration route. The myriad species of birds follow what seems to be an inbred sense of nesting, feeding and migrating patterns. Yes, all these may have evolved and developed different forms from the original, but there was a creator who started all of life and who brought humans into being.


“Let all praise the name of the Lord, for his name is high above all others, and his majesty above earth and heaven. O praise the Lord.”


Vivian Nielsen

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