Rise to the Challenge!

The news is good.  Calvary is growing; our new members are pledging and giving faithfully; so far we’ve welcome 17 new pledgors this year.  This is heartening news in these days when all the financial news I’m seeing is downright dismal.  It’s heartening, for sure, but I’m not that surprised.  When times get tough we tend to really hang on tight to the things that really matter, and for many of us, this faith community is a critical part of our lives.

We’re just ending the first year of a five year vision plan for the church, and in the spirit of this good and healthy growth we want to be sure 2008 comes to a close with the church in good financial shape.  Right now we’ve spent less than we’ve budgeted for the year, but our building use fees are substantially lower than we guessed, so we have a budget deficit. 

To bring us to the end of the year in the black, our Church Administrator has asked each member of the Church Council to give a gift above and beyond the amount they pledged for 2008.  It doesn’t matter what amount; just an additional gift to make an end of year investment in this community. 

When I made this announcement at Church Council I expected groans, but I was surprised by excited comments.  Without hesitation every member of the Council enthusiastically agreed, and they were quickly making plans to go back to each Board to ask Board members to join them.

Now I’m extending the challenge to the whole church.  Let’s face down our current economic troubles with a subversive act–investing our money in our faith community. 

Email Paul Rosstead if you have questions; just mark your gift “challenge gift” so we know you took the challenge! 

I hope you’ll join me!

Pastor Amy


About Amy

Senior Pastor, The Riverside Church, New York
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