Talk With the Preacher

In December of 2005 I heard about this new thing–a blog–and tentatively decided to try my hand at blogging.  I called the blog “Talk With the Preacher” because I wanted it to be a place where conversations could start, and where people could see that talking with the preacher was not as painful as it might seem.  34 months later I am still pontificating on the blog about three times a week, littering the blog-o-sphere with everything from stories about how cute my kids are to profound (to me, anyway) theological realizations that were probably right under my nose all along. 

The result of this blogging adventure has been multi-faceted, for sure.  People HAVE joined the conversation, and as a result I’ve had the opportunity to see the world from other perspectives.  I’ve also made all kinds of friends all over the world, just through posting my little thoughts on the web.  Sometimes I run into people who I don’t know at conferences and they start talking to me like an old friend–turns out they read my blog.  And, people have come to church because they want to keep talking.  How great is that?

So, when we decided we needed a venue for visiting folks to find out a little more about Calvary, we decided I would hang out with people (and donuts and coffee) on Sunday mornings in the library . . . but we needed a name for our experiment.  We decided to call it Talk With the Preacher, after the blog.  Here’s hoping first and third Sundays’ Talk With the Preacher gatherings will spur just as much conversation as the blog already has.

Anybody who wants to know more about the church, hope you’ll join me!

Pastor Amy


About Amy

Senior Pastor, The Riverside Church, New York
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