Hoarding God, Rev. Amy K. Butler preaching

Hoarding God
Rev. Amy Butler
July 13, 2008
Matthew 13:1-9

Hoarding God podcast

When I graduated from college with my newly minted religion degree I quickly discovered that my employment options were vast and varied . . . as long as I wanted to work in the fast food industry.

Facing my dilemma head-on I did what many people in my situation do: I went back to school.

While I was in graduate school I supported myself with a variety of part time jobs, none of which included French fries. My favorite, as I’ve told you before, was a very part time job working for the Baylor University Athletics Department. My job was to help the men’s basketball team pass the university-wide required course: Old Testament Survey.

There seemed to be an epidemic on the team that semester: everybody was flunking Old Testament Survey. The basic problem seemed to be that none of the boys on the team wanted to sit and read their Bibles, so I would meet with them and review material for quizzes and tests. There we’d sit on some dorm couch, their size 16 high tops propped up on the coffee table in front of us, and I would review the material for that week. The best part about the whole experience was watching a bored, resentful guy suddenly sit up, take notice, get interested and animated and often exclaim, “You have got to be kidding! No way is that in the Bible!”

Curl up with Genesis one afternoon and read it like a novel—you’ll see what I mean. More


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